Friday, March 23, 2012

2. Reflexivity Exposed

    Inventive thought perpetuated as new ideas, or, revelation, provide the breeding ground for home-grown truth. Men create their own truth within the confines of their arenas, no matter how small, or large, they may find their arena to be. The conceptualization of thought is found to be a substitutionary layer over over the scriptures in such a way as to create an astigmatism from what truly is.
    The conception of truth presented as interpretation or revelation is the result of spirit joining with a spirit manifesting as thought and spoken as truth. The constant and unabated interpretation of law, the constitution, and scripture has, for centuries evolved into the bubbles of cultic thought that we endure today.
Self-made theologians, prognosticators, speculators, prophets, and politicians act as kings and priests self-perpetuating themselves with liberal minded ideologies known only within their groupings.
    The residue of the writer is left on his page. It is as indelible as any print.
Thought conceived and communicated as truth becomes 'the' truth for the purveyor, as well as, the inherent group. The bubble-effect eventually takes place within the traditions of thought with the group inside the bubble professing a manifesto of beliefs that are true to them, but not necessarily true to scripture, the law, or the constitution.
     William Thomas and Dorothy S. Thomas, sociologists in the 1930's, theorem of reflexivity  contends that 'If people define things as real, they are real in their consequences'. It has also been stated that this theorem repeated says, 'the situations that men define as true, become true for them. (Wikipedia, Thomas Theorem). So it is within the religious realm as it is in the government and political realms, the man's truth is true to him and that makes it the truth for him. What is stated is believed to be true, therefore it is speculated upon and acted upon as a fact particularly within the group that the statement is being perpetuated. The perpetuated speculation, or, revelation, is then delivered to the public as an offering of truth.
     Offense comes along this line to the lowest common denominator and that being the child. After all, is not what the battle is ultimately for. . . the mind of the child? Truth is left to the aristocracy and delivered as an edict for the loyal citizens to abrogate their responsibility to the realm of the unseen, that being analytical thought. Voltaire stated, "The only way in which man can reason about objects is by his analysis. To begin straight from first principles belongs to God alone."
      The decimation of discernment is implied from the aristocracy of truth leaving the inbred truth supplanting itself as a substitutionary foundation of what truly is. To the liberal minded, facts are no longer facts, but mere obstacles viewed as pariahs to the current philosophy, or, revelation of the day.
      Hence, the propensity of the cult is for thought to be conceived in the mind of the leader, developed in cyclical unilateral interpretations, and then disseminated to the children no matter what their age. Cultic thought abounds today not only within the religious realm, but the geopolitical realm throughout our nation and world.
      We're going somewhere with this, stay with me....


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