Thursday, March 22, 2012

1. The Opportunity To Speak

    In these United States of America, we are all responsible. I, personally, have waited too long to speak, waiting on others to speak for me. Have I been shut up, or, have I shut myself up? I have made my decisions, and I, alone, am responsible for them. I have no one to blame but myself for what I allow. I have been moved by my circumstances, oftentimes, beyond my control. I have, at times, fought against my circumstances and kicked against the pricks only to bloody myself, or my family.
    Oswald Chambers says that we are made up of a series of moral choices. We make decisions everyday. These decisions benefit us, or defeat us, and in the ensuing moments following a made decision we usually know what we have done to ourselves. We cannot blame others for what we do to ourselves, nor can we blame others when we refuse to speak up when we see injustice in the land. The fear of becoming a social pariah is evident when we choose to refrain from speaking when we see the indulgence of our leaders. We want to believe that things are not as they seem to be and in our refusal to acknowledge what truly is, we abrogate ourselves to that substitutionary layer of darkness over light.
     We shield our eyes in disbelief of what is, not really wanting to know because, after all, what can I do? What can one person do? It has been attributed to Edmund Burke the statement, "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."
     At this juncture, this is where the adversary is at his best; to call the individual, 'not good', 'not worthy'. . .  in the depths of his heart. And, the individual believes the deception and the lie, rather than the Author Who called His Creation, "Good". If I believe there is no good in me, then I am unworthy, I have nothing to say, and, worse, no one willing to listen to me. Whose report will I believe?
      The construct of anger is the promulgation of antipathy. Clearly stated, I will be willing to speak up and make a statement of righteousness when what I see is so repugnant to me, it angers me, and will not let me go... I am.

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