Wednesday, April 4, 2012

11. The Subversion of Truth

     The evolution of the thoughts expressed by many of today's political leaders are as graduated lines emanating from an unknown source towards the absolute, rather than emanating from. The gradual force lines must come from the absolute, otherwise, the pervasive perversion of perception becomes the pernicious incarceration of the mind to only believe 'what I tell you and if you differ from what I say, you are unworthy'. Lies and perceptions demand autonomy, truth doesn't have to, it just is. The refusal to tell the truth is blatant within the domain.
     Submission to authority is demanded in government as well as truth. Where there is no submission to the governing authorities, there is always the most definite probability of subjugation. Government demands to govern; it believes that it is its inherent right and domain. Truth is ultimate and will ultimately prevail over all governments.
     In the season of evolution, truth is questioned and subverted. The multiplication of thought disguised as truth, or, even as facts, arises from the midst as vapor in the atmosphere. It is then transmogrified to fall as rain into the hearts and minds of men. Words spoken with authority like seeds sown by a sower are allowed to be sent into the atmosphere to change men's minds from what is supposed to be to what the leader has chosen it to be. Thought becomes reversed. What is not absolute becomes the believable.
     Absolute truth makes no such demand of subjugation. Absolute truth is. It has not moved; it has not changed. It does not require defending.
     The transmogrified lines of perceptions and suppositions have splintered casting their wares towards the minds of the children with intolerance towards the absolute. The ONE absolute remains covered in layers of thoughts, words, and deeds confessed by the souls of men transfixed on themselves and the desire of the vapor.
     Men, as directed by the seeds of the vapor, think thoughts of a new way, a new order; change from what is. But change to what? The seeds are planted in fertile soil, layered over and fertilized by the mortifying of the absolute. Man is momentarily fulfilled by facile frivolities of the mind offered up as the latest truth of the day delivered during free press conferences. Not-a-leader leading the leaderless into eventual ditches of despair.
     Reparations are incalculable as infinity is to stupidity for the problems created by the misled not-a-leaders. These so-called leaders who choose to be misled by the divine providence of their minds characterize this season of time and we are the worse for it. I am admonished to pray for those in authority over me, God certainly knows best.   

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