Thursday, April 5, 2012

12. The Purpose of Indoctrination

What is the purpose of indoctrination?

1) Proselytize the mind
2) Capture the mind
3) Churn the mind
4) Change the ideologies in the systems, beginning with the government to exude power over the educational system.
5) Train up the young adults to train up the children according to the pervasive ideology.

     Governmental, educational, and religious systems are not concrete. These systems are made up of and led by men and women with their own belief systems.
     Leaders teach teachers to teach ideology. People teach what they are and what they believe even though they might not ever teach it from a book. It is the ideologies, philosophies, and belief systems that rule the airwaves, the offices, the classrooms, and the pulpits. "Keep your heart with all diligence, for out of it spring the issues of life."  (Proverbs 4:23, NKJV).
     It is what is inside of man that heals, or kills, that unites, or divides. It is what is inside of a man to love, or to hate, to define, or to be misaligned. It is in the heart of men to believe any given philosophy and to create their own belief system according to the tenure of themselves in relation to their family, culture, education, and religious preferences. Everyone believes in something.
These four: family, culture, education, and religion are all inputs and influences. Does the government have a right to rule these four areas of influence?
     The lack of family creates a greater dependency on the other influences. Culture includes, but is not limited to: human interaction in the speaking, listening, and behavioral domain in the immediate and the intermediate peripheral human relationships. In our season of time, cultural relationships have increasingly become more important to the self and more influential to the self than the family when the family allows the culture rule over the home and, at times, the culture invades the home at the behest of someone in the home.
     Most people desire to be a part of a group of like-minded people. The heart desires and will submit to the cultural like-minded philosophy that lies at the doorstep and knocks repeatedly to come in to the minds of our children through the media, entertainment, sports, and peer opportunity. The belief system of the given philosophy defines its own words. For example, there is a philosophy today that says in order for me to prove my love for my god, I must hate the unbelievers. Love, then, is determined by my level of hate. Hate for others is love for my god. How well I hate is how well I love my god. I am true to my god by my faithfulness to my hating the infidels, who happens to be anyone who does not believe what I believe. This is the writer's understanding of the mind of the terrorist and what they interpret their writings to command.
     This philosophy is resolute and believes it is absolute truth. Can there be more than one absolute truth? In my research, one dictionary had ten definitions of the word - absolute, which, seem to be congruous within the context and four multi-faceted definitions of truth, (Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary, G & C Merriam Company). Another online source had twenty-eight philosophies, or, theories, of truth. (Wickipedia). It is no wonder that the thought of absolute truth would be relegated as another antiquated and ridiculous idea.
     The mind of the child is proselytized everyday by what its family, or the lack of family, allows. Whatever comes into the home, or the classroom, goes into the mind of the child. The input does not vaporize, it is stored and churned.
     Systems will do whatever is necessary to deliver their beliefs into the minds of the children. The variations of principles are dispersed throughout the varying streams of media, entertainment, and human interactions so that the diversity of America, seemingly one of its greatest attributes, will become its demise. The plethora of diversity in America, if left unchecked, will be its eventual downfall and submission to a more unified authority.
     What we are continuing to teach our children:
1) If you can learn to bounce, throw, or kick a ball better than anyone else, you can make millions of dollars. We make the players of children's sports and games gods in our nation.
2) If you can sing, or dance better than the other person can sing, or dance, again, you can make millions of dollars. Entertainment rules.
3) Do whatever you have to do to win.
4) Give me your money and God will pay you back.
5) If I have large numbers of people following me, I am right and I am successful.
6) As long as I am sincere to what I believe, that's all that matters.
7) If I can lie to you about what is, or is not, and get away with it, I can cheat you out of your money, play you for the fool, and blame you for it.
8) Hustling stolen goods is rewarded with money and notoriety whether the stolen goods be the possession of another by way of an object, a dollar, a life, or a love.
9) Divorce is a way of life and the ultimate end of marriage. Divorce is used as the way to handle conflict and disagreement.
10) Instant gratification is a necessary way of life and the virtues of patience and self-control are a vapor.
11) The absence of the father in the home is increasingly becoming the usual and customary and the sons learn to despise women and their daughters learn promiscuity. Boys walk in the way of their fathers.
12) Trade the permanent best for the immediate pleasure.
13) Borrow as much money as you can to create the appearance of wealth.
14) Police solve crimes and catch murderers and thieves in less than an hour.
15) Politicians tell you what they want you to tell you to make you feel better about them. Truth is irrelevant.

What are we teaching our children, or allowing our children to be vicariously taught by others?

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