Tuesday, April 10, 2012

13. The Dissolution of Truth

     The dissolution of truth is a social construct resulting from the annihilation of the absolute leading to immoral social decay. The powers over the liberal agenda use the immorality to further their means towards socialistic a priori (knowledge known implicitly within the group).
     There are no absolutes. Their truth is fiction, untenable, and unexplainable. All are distractions from the undercurrent of the soul of America's destruction. The leaders are refractory, compelled by their selfish greed for power and deluded by their beliefs. Their views are supported by their need to control all and replace truth and reality with their versions of perceptions.
     Their leaders are unaccountable and uncooperative. They blame others for their actions, or, their lack of action. They are not responsible and lead others to persecute the opposition for holding them accountable and/or merely having opposing beliefs.
     ".... a persecutor is an abominable character. Wherefore those who allow of perfect immateriality, without comprehending it, should have tolerated those who rejected it, because they did not comprehend it. Those who have refused God the power of animating the unknown being called matter, should have also tolerated those who have not dared to divest God of His power; for it is very scandalous to hate one another for syllogisms."  (Voltaire, The Ignorant Philosopher, The Works of Voltaire, p. 455).
     The leading of others to hate with racial hate leads only to more and more racism leading ultimately to division and even violence. The leading of others to despise another's beliefs and so despise the person to hatred who believes differently than you is abhorrent. This, too, is a distraction from the power they wield over their populace to manipulate them to move to action from what is actually in their (the leaders) hearts.
     Their views are implacable as they enrich themselves at the expense of the entire populace while impoverishing the people that support their beliefs. They live in denial to the perception that everyone that follows them should live as they do, but cannot, because the leaders have become enriched while the followers have become poorer. 
     They lead a generation of people who live for handouts of power, wealth of varying types, rights to live immorally, housing, food, and, now, health insurance. They give away what is not theirs to give and benefit from the financial and social theft of the future of our children. 
     They have to abolish truth and reason as truth and reason cannot exist in the place of promiscuity. Thus, the dissolution of truth, is the foundation of the social construct of the liberal agenda and their way of thought. Perhaps it is easier understood to view the liberal agenda thinker as the child who becomes the voracious bully on the school playground taking more and more ground for his own and dares the others to do something about it. And I, like many other right thinkers have acquiesce to their way and modes of operation, like the pouters on the playground who want to run and tell the teacher about the bully. The teacher says, 'Take care of it yourself.'
     And that is what needs to be done. Stand your ground, no more taking over.
Come together as they have and stand your ground.

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