Wednesday, April 18, 2012

14. The Power of Perspective

     "It is our needs that interpret the world; our drives and their For and Against. Every drive is a kind of lust to rule; each one has its perspective that it would like to compel all the other drives to accept as a norm."  (Friedrich Nietzsche, The Will To Power, Vintage Books, page 267).
     Nietzsche goes on to say, "Against positivism, which halts at phenomena - 'There are only facts'  - I would say: No, facts is precisely what there is not, only interpretations. We cannot establish any fact "in itself": perhaps it is folly to want to do such a thing." (p.267).

     Whether this be true, or not, is this where we all dwell?

     It is in the accusatory state that we deem our brothers and sisters in prejudice. For to deal in prejudice is to deal a judgment without entertaining all of the evidence - the facts. If there are no facts, only interpretations, then, the law will side with the best interpreter. "'Everything is subjective,' you say; but even this is interpretation. The 'subject' is not something given, it is something added and invented and projected behind what there is. - Finally, is it necessary to posit an interpreter behind the interpretation? Even this is invention, hypothesis." (Nietzsche, p. 267).

     Are any humans capable of knowing truth? If truth is things as they really are, albeit the 'reality', are any of us capable of re-telling reality to our neighbor without prejudice? Is it possible to purview the totality of a truth from our perspective of the world? Do we realize our lot, our position, in life?
     Do we realize our predilections? The majority of us dwell in vast predilection. We come to each other with our ideas as congealed salad. It is premade with our favorite ingredients and set to jell in the refrigerator. We, then, present it to our 'guests' as a concoction that they are to sit down and eat, not realizing and not caring that the ingredients are repulsive to the guests. Our words are morsels to the ears, to the hearts of mankind, and have become tainted as meat turns after days of sitting.
     If I desire for someone to listen to me, what does that say of myself?

     Who are you, oh man, that anyone should listen to what you have to say? Is your truth consummate of reality? Or, are the listeners getting a strange concoction of perspective and interpretation of what one man has seen and relating? Is it possible for the listener to hear without self-interpretation? Do you expect your listeners to think while you speak? Is there any relative knowledge at work in the sound waves coming from your breath?

     Honestly, I have a hard time growing grass in my yard at home. By the time summer rolls around I see that I can't even grow grass right. My neighbors seem to be able to. However, they use a tremendous amount of fertilizer on their lawns. They really pile on the fertilizer and the more they pile it on, the greener the grass gets.

     Whether it be embellishment, or manure, in the eyes of God, it is all the same. Truth does not need embellishment, perspective relishes in it.
Have the best tort lawyers become our legislators? Do we believe what we believe as a result of investigation and education, or, do we simply believe what we are told? The undereducated are morsels to the demagogue.

     dissolution - the act or process of dissolving: as
     a: separation into component parts
     b: 1) decay, disintegration. 2) death
     c: termination or destruction by breaking down, disrupting, or dispersing
     d: the dissolving of an assembly or organization
     e: liquefaction
     (Merriam Webster Dictionary)

     truth - 'What ever you say it is'.

     Who, or, what, is behind this dissolution of truth? Are our leaders, our Presidents and Kings merely pawns?


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