Monday, April 2, 2012

9. The Riptide of Inconsequentiality

     If the reflexive domain is not built on truth and reality, then its foundation is built on the lesser than. Speculation, supposition of thought, generational loss, and the intimidating factor of the oppressed mind are typical building blocks of the domain's repose. When I do not have to tell the truth, then I can simply plant a seed thought and allow the thought to do its work.
     Knowing that we reap what we sow, our words become the seeds of our future. The sower continues to reap what he sows and sows what he reaps. If the sower sows seeds of speculation in the marketplace, or the political spectrum, there is the great probability that what he says will come to fruition and then he can capitalize on the supposition of thought propagated by the media. Supposition of thought is a predisposed belief system overlaid by conjecture and presented as the truth.The media is the wind, and it bloweth where it listeth....the receptors are the proselytes' ears that are to carry the seeds of speculation to the mangers for their minds to feed off of until their hands give their wallets back to the sower.
     Jesus said that we would always have the poor among us; we have the foolish as well. If I do not learn from my father, my teachers, or, my own teaching from reading the wisdom of the ages, then I am left to the device of the domain to be used and abused. We must teach our children well to avoid the generational losses of spiritual truth, education, financial management, the importance of the family, and what are the true order of things. Generational loss includes each passing and subsequent generation believing less, or, believing differently than their fathers. The formidable foes of time, distraction, and wrong teaching moves minds from the original source. If we do not teach our children well what we know explicitly to be true, the domain will gradually steal their hearts, minds, and wallets for the furtherance of its kingdom.
     The oppressed mind is the enemy of free will. Very little can be accomplished with an oppressed mind.
     It is what we believe to be inconsequential that is destroying what we have always believed would be with us. If we do not love our spouses truly, then the domain knows what to give them in a time of need or of pain. If we believe our deepest beliefs to be inconsequential through the non-practice of our beliefs, our children will not make the transfer. Have your beliefs been transferred to your children? What do your children believe? The domain is waiting for them. Generational loss is gradual and deadly. The non-practice of the truths we hold dear are decaying keys to doors we need to keep open.
     It is as though we say to our children, 'Go play in the ocean,' as we watch from the shore. We lie back on the sand in the debtors repose and close our eyes to rest a bit from our responsibilities while our children step further out into the waves and the currents that they do not perceive is waiting for them. They wade further out trying to swim, just having fun, just having fun. Little do they know, the riptide is beneath and is stronger than the mightiest of the strong. 'If I just swim with the riptide, I can swim out of it,' they think as they have been taught. They struggle and become frightened. It is their fear and the fear of the tide and its strength that pulls them under. Swim wide and not against, remove and swim wide. Swim with the tide and remove so slowly what you have so quickly enjoined.
     Some are lost in the riptide of inconsequentially. Some make it back, never to venture in the water again. What we believe to be inconsequential will have its reckoning day. You must spend time with your children and teach them well. You must stop spending money. . .  
     Our times are not inconsequential. Why our Father has placed us here has a purpose and a meaning. Find out what that is and do not let it go. What you have been given is life. Live it! And do not allow the domain to dominate your mind or the minds of your children. Find out what truth is and live in that truth.      

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