Wednesday, May 2, 2012

16. Defying Ubiquity

We have the idea that God has only to do with the spiritual, and if the devil can succeed in keeping us with that idea, he will have a great deal of his own way; but Paul pushes the battle-line into every domain - "whatsoever things are honest, . . . think on these things, " because behind them all is God.     (Oswald Chambers, page 719)
Why is it that that we are not told the Truth? The world wants to keep religion in a box for a number of reasons. Religionists believe that God is kept in a sanctuary and it is there that the masses should go and worship Him. Whether a true Christian believes this, or not, has become irrelevant, it has been and has increasingly become the behavior irregardless of the belief.

If the so-called Christians go to worship their God in the church, the sanctuary, the chapel, the hall, the place. . . then they go to the box and leave Him there in the box so that they can get on with the rest of their lives. Is this a perception, or, reality? Is this type of behavior the true belief of the Christian, or is it only what is seen from the outside? Why is there an 'outside'?

There is definitely an 'outside' to the Christian life, I have seen it, and lived it.
It is the lifestyle of the one who does not clearly understand the omnipresence of an omnipresent God. If the Christian does not understand the Jesus Who said, 'I will never leave you, not forsake you...', then it would seem that that Christian could perceivably leave God where he last worshipped Him.

It is through the teaching of the church leaders and through the living out of the teachings of the Christians that non-believers have seen with their own eyes that God is 'at church' because this 'guy doesn't act like Jesus', or, 'God is love and this guy is not loving', or, 'this guy is worse off than I am, why do I need to go and listen to that stuff?'

There are a myriad of thousands of sights and sounds that non-believers have seen of us, the ones that call themselves Christians here in America, and they have heard with their own ears and seen with their own eyes that 'this thing doesn't work because I don't see anything different, except the possibility of spewing hatred where I thought there was to be love'.

It is what the spirit of religion has done to the church, that is...go to the box, give your worship and money there, leave, and we hope to see you next week, or next Easter. If there is a Christian who would like to deny that this occurs, please continue to live in denial at your childrens' demise.

After all, once again, it is the heart of the children that the adversary desires, nothing more, nothing less.

This is what I have to say to the Christian church:

We are not one because the love of God is not shed abroad in our hearts. We are separate out of choice and convenience, not culture. There is no love in choice and convenience, those have to do with what we want rather than what He wants. He, Jesus, learned obedience through suffering. He first loved and He first gave. Though He was God in the flesh, He submitted to earthly authority.

As long as the word of God is taught, the people will listen and walk in it. When the traditions of men are taught, the people begin to have a doubt. The doubt raises questions, and the questions go unasked and unanswered resulting in mistrust. 'I don't really have a reason not to trust, but because I don't get to ask my questions, or, get the answers that I expect and understand, I am led by my doubt rather than the Truth'. There is no unity in doubt. Hence, there is no real love.

Perhaps the reason why we do not have unity in Holy Love is that we do not believe the same thing. The diversity in the church is the derision of the adversary. There is the power of an Almighty God in unity and agreement. Yesterday and today's church has chosen the lesser, more convenient road to tranquility. . . the road of tradition. 

Someone on the outside, an example would be the reflexive domain of the homosexual, looks at that road and knows that he has seen that road before and laughs. They come together and unify in whatever the belief of the day is and construct a road of their own. Their road is being built and advancing in agreement, unity, and derision while the Christians pity themselves for being persecuted. Self-pity is a most egregious thing before an Almighty God.

The antichrist spirit looks at the church and says to 'keep your God in the box'. They defy ubiquity. They have not seen the omnipresent God in the flesh, of late, and teach so that their ideas become ubiquitous, rather than the Truth.
The spirit of condemnation they have seen in us, and as a result, have turned that spirit back on us.

God Is. God will prevail. It is through the Christians of today that He will use. Wake up! Teach what is pure, what is right, what is holy to your children, teach your children well. Cover them in loving prayer. . . today.   

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