Thursday, May 10, 2012

20. Led By Convictions

When in the course of human events we find ourselves being offended by others, it has been brought to my attention that offense is two-fold, the one being offended by the striking of their internal beliefs by another and the offender, who has presupposed their belief system onto the other. This is not the totality of being offensive, or of taking offense, but it is the due course of the day.

The angst that occurs through offense can be over in a moment, or it can create catastrophic and debilitating stress on the internal parts of the offended and for some, last forever due to unforgiveness. The internal stresses from being offended are also related to the level of maturity that one possesses. Some folk, who have absolutely no care whatsoever about what other people think about their opinions are are oblivious to the common care and sense of decency regarding another's feelings, or thoughts. On the other hand, we still have some folk who live to be offended at just about anything because they dwell from anywhere to self-pity to wearing every bit of their emotion on their sleeves.

This does, however, bring us to our own personal convictions, how we relate those convictions, and how we respond when someone else does the same.

If you believe what I believe, then most convictions shared become agreed upon and readily accepted, with the exception of a few nuances, all can be well between the two shared beliefs.

If you do not believe in the same things I believe in, then when one of us shares their convictions, there is this angst that begins to rise within us that, depending on how deep the differences are in the belief system, the anxiety can roll into frustration, or even anger in moments.

Thus our convictions and the sharing of the same are important, not only to us, but to the ones we share them with. They are important, because this is how we discover our commonality of beliefs with another, and conversely begin to see where others are in their beliefs and just how strongly they believe them.

It is in offense that drives many to the threshold of destructive anxiety and anger over the sharing of convictions as it also drives people in these United States to the voting booth. We need to know what our leaders believe whether we want to hear it, or not.

I find myself so terribly offended by our President and our Vice-President by their convictions, but why should I be offended, it is after all, what the liberal agenda believes and it is the liberal agenda they live and profess every day.
But here, here in America? Why speak this now, after all the years of placating the public with their fluctuating opinions; why now, who does it serve to make a stance now?

If I have personally believed that 'my time is now to speak up and say something, say what I believe, and that this is my opportunity to speak...', then certainly it is everyone else's time as well, equality seems to be the timely notion. But what is it about what their beliefs that have me so compelled to stand up and say 'NO' to what they have to say?

I would tend to think that it is how deeply their beliefs go with me, to the core of Truth, I presume, because I have been taught that sex outside of marriage is a sin, and that a male having sex with another male is a sin and that a female having sex with another female is a sin. It is not the natural order of things. It is the foundation of morality, otherwise, there is no morality if there is no morality. The foundational set of beliefs and principles in morality include, do they not, a guard against sexual sins. If one is able to change the foundation of a thing, doesn't that change the make-up of the building you have erected. If you pull a building block from the foundation, what will be the end result of what you have built?

And so it is that the leaders of 300,000,000 people have professed their convictions to their populace because they are of a social liberal or socialist conception. "A man with a socialist conception of life cannot resist. The aim of his life is his personal welfare. It is better for his personal welfare for him to submit, and he submits." (Tolstoy, The Kingdom of God is Within You, page 134). The man in this belief system has to submit to the system, just as I attempt to submit to the One that I profess as my Lord.

But we are talking about our president and vice-president, aren't we? Are they so lowly as to submit to the exasperating liberal agenda, or are they the leaders of it? I believe that I am confused because the president should be the leader, but he did 'bat last in the line up' when it came to professing beliefs. And, most problematic of all is that it seemed to me that the president of the United States was the leader of the nation and not specifically just the leader of the people of his beliefs. His level of respect for his office is not as deep as his predecessor.

 And, as strangely as it may seem, the sun came up this morning, people got up and went to work, or some people did, just like the usual, and life has gone on... or, has it?

Could real change be coming? Because if real change does not occur, the changes in our nation that our president professes will continue to take all of us on the road to his convictions.

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