Tuesday, July 24, 2012

29. Heighten the Sight

Oftentimes, many of us find ourselves in squeamish territories brought on by our external circumstances, or by self-imposed skirmishes of the mind. Most of our trials are of the latter kind. I have found it to be quite interesting how many folk will dwell in anxiety for prolonged periods of time and if, by chance, one tries to bring them out of it, resentment seems to be the order of the day.

Are we to try and take these things from our fellow humans, or are we to allow them to wallow in self-pity until the season of self-pity has passed? Trying to take that which is not yours to take brings with it a burden not too wholesome a life worth while.

It is of grave maturity to see that the circumstances and things of our fellows are there for a reason and although they may be placed by human hands, they are engineered by that which is not, and they are not looking to be removed by human hands. What is it that we see that our fellow cannot see that he sees what he sees and is unable to see from the height of the sight of a higher horizon? It is not of presumption that there is a higher sight view, it is one of belief that pride will not allow ourselves to see what others see about ourselves, or our situation.

We do not see all things, for we see what we see from our level of sight at the viewpoint of the level. We all are in our circumstances and none are exempt from the cares of the day. Decisions born from clarity are brought about because they have been viewed from different perspectives, but many of us are capricious when we make decisions and suffer the ensuing consequences as a result.

The desire and the ability to heighten the sight of us all in order to rise from our circumstances is so vitally necessary that it behooves us to gain insight as to how do we achieve a higher sight plain when viewing our prevailing circumstances. We would all agree that we see more from the mountain top than from the valley below. Wisdom, knowledge, and experience are on the mountain top, as well as, spiritual insight known only to the ones who are willing to submit to the Spirit who gives the insight.

We need each other. I need my fellow man because, in my humanity, I either refuse to go to the mountain top, or forget to, in the midst of my circumstance. The conundrum in the whirlwind of our minds keeps us preoccupied with unending distractions. Unsolved problems cause consternation and we are unrelenting in our abiding in our self-pity rather than seeking Truth from a higher plain.

Heighten your sight. Rise above your circumstance and you will see things yet unseen. Heighten the horizon and you will be able to see what is coming rather than being buried by it. Oswald Chambers continues to teach me that it is not so much my responsibility to alter things as it is to remain true to God in the midst of it. (The Complete Works of Oswald Chambers, page 669-662)

The ability to make a great decision is waning in our nation today. I see what I see from the vantage point of my peers. Who have you surrounded yourself with? Where do you dwell? Where is your mind? Who are you listening to?
If it's no one, you are in trouble indeed. If it's everyone, the worse still. If it's entertainment, you will dwell in a tiny facade of unreality that leads to a path in a crevice of an earthquake yet to come. 

Who are you listening to? Do you know the difference between the mountain top and the valley? Have you paid the price of the distance between the two?

In the Kingdom of God, there is the opportunity to be seated in heavenly places. (Ephesians 2:6-7) The price of admission has been paid, but you have to leave your Self at the door.

The sight from the height of the heavenly places is real and true. What do you see from your where you sit?

What do you see, son of man, what do you see?   

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