Monday, July 30, 2012

31. The Great Illusion

 A few things that I have seen under the sun and a few things I have learned and one is this, it is far easier for a man to work with his hands than it is to work with his mind. I have done both. I have worked with my mind and I have worked with my hands.

With my hands, I have torn down, built up, torn down again, re-worked, cut, cut out and cut down; I have made and unmade, dug and filled, cleaned, scrubbed, and sterilized; with my hands I have picked up and thrown down, I have tossed and caught, turned and flipped...all with my hands. With my hands I have broken, sliced, and diced, cooked and seared, grilled and washed, and washed again. I have washed my hands a few times. With my hands I have bathed and showered, touched and remade. With my hands I have taken, given, wrapped, unwrapped, written and erased. I have given and taken, moved and created, with my hands, I have loved and I have hated...all with my hands. I have embraced and I have rejected; I have said hello and I have said good-bye.

With my mind, I have created, toiled, and stressed. I have written, read, added, and multiplied, subtracted and divided, all with my mind. With my mind, I have embraced, loved and despised, rejected, and received rejection. With my mind, I have worked, thought, and thought some more. I have analyzed, rationalized, reasoned, and grown. I have learned, learned, and learned. With my mind I see and hear, I grope and walk. I see the light with my mind; I dream dreams and see visions. With my mind, I understand and am enlightened and with my mind I am played the fool and have walked in folly.

In my mind, I have feared and lost; I have won and succeeded. In my mind, I move to higher ground and sit in heavenly places. With my mind, I think and it is with my mind I receive the thoughts of a king with its intention for another time. 

With my mind, I see beyond, I see what is. It is with my mind I see truth and understand. Yes, it is far easier to work with one's hands than it is to work with one's mind. For what is it in the mind of man that he can create and bring to fruition with only his mind? How can a man succeed and advance with only his mind?

For it is in the mind of man to work with his hands, after all, it is his purpose, isn't it? Or, is it? Is it man's purpose to work with his hands, or is it his purpose to see what was and bring to fruition what is?

I have seen men rewarded greatly for both, but to work with one's mind, the reward is higher, more nobler, and more rewarding, really? I have seen the rewards of the hands rewarded greatly these days. 

So, is it easier for a man to work with his hands than it is to work with his mind? I say, yes, and for this reason, but not this reason alone. It is easier to work with one's hands than it is to work with one's mind because it is what man sees upon the work til its completion that a man will work with his hands. It is the immediate response of a thing done, accomplished, it is what he sees that enjoins him to see what he sees. It is the material. It is what he eats, touches, lays his eyes upon, and turns his attention to that is the material. It is a thing rather than a thought. It is something gold, green, or blue, but it is a thing that will never last that men hope for most and it is that thing, that whatever thing, that men will work for with their hands to obtain, only to lose it and attempt to obtain it again.

It is with a man's hands that he eats, for if he does not work, he should not eat. To the work a man goes with his mind or his hands or with his hands and his mind. I would choose the latter. For I have done both, worked with my hands and worked with my hands and my mind. Enjoin the mind. Mind the mind and you will mind your work.

It is to the thinking man that he is not sold by the salesman, the proprietor of ideas, he is as he thinks he is, but is not. For his is the work of the illusionist, who works a work with the work of his hands, but what is being worked is his mind and not yours. Work with your mind. Know what is real and true.

It is with your mind that you believe or choose not to believe. It is with your mind, that you choose to forgive, love, and embrace. It is with your mind, you choose to know truth and truth that remains is all that will remain.

You see, it is far easier to work with one's hands than it is to work with one's mind, even though it is a far better thought to have thought about what is, and what is to come, than it is not to think and to work another day and believe that that is all there is.

It is a far easier thing to do to kill, steal, and destroy, than it is to create. The work that a man chooses to do will reveal his life in his beliefs as his beliefs reveal the work of his hands and the work of his mind. 

It is also a far easier thing to bounce, kick, hit, or throw a ball. Grown men playing children's games for hire. The indulgence of entertainment of the populace has always been with us. This is most definitely not the observance of the amateur Olympian who has played his game and worked his work to become the best in the world for a season. I salute the Olympian. 

But it is in our day, the indulgence of the professional ball player that continues beyond the appearance of reality into the most definitive working of the hands into a land of illusion. It is to these professional men, hirelings, that their illusion is their reality and they exchange the ability to bounce, kick, hit, or throw a ball, of all things, into dollars of such great magnitude that the children of the day can only dream dreams to be like be able to play children's games for the rest of their lives and never quite grow up. Immature children getting paid great sums of money offers the illusion of greatness. In all of life, there is nothing great about being able to bounce, throw, hit, or kick a ball, nothing great at all. But it is to the entertainer to entertain men's minds so that they do not have to think about what is or is to come. Entertainers playing to the entertained while the world watches and the beast slides in unaware.

Who will reckon the day of reckoning that the entertainer has had his last say? To the actor, the ultimate hypocrite, who plays the world as his stage and uses the minds of others as a tool for their gain. They wield their thoughts as a swordsman wields his sword because man chose to work with his hands thereby becoming a slave to the entertainers demands. Who is next to be entertained? Who is next to be sold? The governor who chooses to use the entertainer as his tool chooses to be chosen in the great illusion for he knows neither life, nor truth, but only the illusion of the material, the next thing, the thing to be bartered. For the next thing to be bartered is our country, while men watch the entertainers entertain, not truly knowing what is and is to come.

What do you see, son of man?  

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