Thursday, December 27, 2012

41. The Egregious Moment

While driving through a busy shopping center today on my way to the grocery store, the cars were moving quite slow because of all the cars maneuvering around the pedestrians. I was driving and as I looked to my right, walking along the sidewalk in front of the stores, I glanced to see in a quick moment, a dad punched his son in the stomach. My vehicle was stopped as a result of the traffic and the pit bull in my front seat and I gave the dad a glaring stare. We had caught him in the act.

The son, about 14 years old, was afraid. His hands were in a forward position as to protect himself, but it was on his face...fear. Fear was not only on his face, it was in his arms and hands for they were crimpled with no energy to create a fist to protect himself. The boy walked in silence, with separation now between him and his dad.

The dad had immediately turned to look my way to see if anyone had seen him do what he did. From the disposition of the trembling son, this was not the first time. The dad knew I saw him as he proceeded briskly along the sidewalk.

In the moment, in the ever egregious moment, I watched the dad move on with the son in a weakened state behind him. The boy was in an arthritic condition of arrested fear. They moved on as I did in my car out of sight. Was this the first time? Why did the dad treat him so? Does the dad not know he has made him as he is?

How we treat our children is reflected in their faces as a mirror of time and space reflect all things. All things are seen and heard in moments of joy and laughter, tears and regret.

Treat  your children well. Love them with hugs and words of inspiration. Smile a smile away and smile once more and see the child in need. Their tears are removed by your presence; not only your children, but the children of the world who truly need love and kindness and the protection of the Almighty.