Wednesday, March 27, 2013

51. The Author of Marriage

Praying for right thinking...praying for eternal thinking...for holiness... in our nation begins in the home.

Are our personal secrets keeping us from praying for holiness in our nation, holiness in the White House, holiness in the Supreme Court?  Can, or will, the fervent prayer of a righteous man see the change in our nation that only God in Jesus Christ can bring about?

There is an absolute Truth, His Name is Jesus Christ.

The idea of marriage is a God idea as it is in the Word of God that marriage is a covenant between a man and a woman.  If the idea be described by definition as much as it is described by reality, then any other assessment or re-defining of the idea is corrupt.

Let holy men and women pray for our Supreme Court justices in this season that the Truth of our Lord be reasonable thinking and that the marriage bed be undefiled.  Marriage is a holy covenant between a man a woman.  It is.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

50. Initializing Freedom

There is within the heart of man, that is, most men, the desire to be free. Most men desire the desire to be free without having to work much at the thought whilst others are completely satisfied within the domain of common existence.
Common existence is that which man finds himself within the usual and customary albeit not many wise and not many free.  Intrusiveness of thoughts requiring change from the known are intrusive indeed.  Men will fight within their existence to remain unchanged for it is in this place that man finds comfort in his current surroundings.  It is a place of receiving and never giving, a place of redundancy and complacency, a place of nether and comfortability...the place of kings and paupers of emperors and pawns.
Common existence is that which has been and always will be.  It is neither desire nor forbearance nor is it any virtue that plays upon the hearts of men who desire truth.  Common existence has no heart to the existential and plays no part to the fruition of any common good.  Common existence is merely accepted as a norm and regarded as the way of life in par with no view of sight in view. 
The reflexive domain of control whether it be in the sociopolitical realm or the realm of the religious hierarchy demands its way upon the masses through the abhorrent tactic of will demise.  The will of man is the most important factor in the constriction and control of another.  Common existence, however, has already conquered the human will in past generations so that those who live in the current live presumably unaware of their possibilities.  Reflexivity compounds thought upon thought to the unaware as an inbreeding of mind over matter and the leader's mind over all.  Religious cults and sociopolitical systems are constructed the same.  They are constructed by the decomposition of the human will.  It is acted upon by the simultaneous influence of the controller and the degeneration of the mind and will of man.  
The will of man is to be broken within the construct of the reflexive domain and when it is found to be broken, education of the children and political propaganda become the primary vehicles of the transmogrification of any society.
To the one man or woman who desires above all to be free even when this person does not clearly understand the concept of freedom, freedom is a voice within the composition of entanglement that is set to deceive and never to relieve. Freedom's voice calls from the deep to be set free even though life and limb be the purest cost of all.  The will of man is at its precipice with the price of freedom waiting in the balance.  Will the man's will decide its own fate or will it lay down its will at the cost of its own freedom?
For the society of men and women who have been broken by the will of desperate men in ages past and generations of death succumbed, it is time for the will of men to seek that which is in their heart by the design of an Almighty God.  It is past time to seek that which cries from the depths of the human soul the cry to be free, the cry to be free.
It is here that the initialization of freedom begins. The here is the heart of men and women who have seen that the power of the will of man is more powerful than any construct of altered human design. Freedom cries to be set free. Free from the tyranny of the mind; free from the tyranny of men; free from the tyranny of the social constructs of the last century.
The reflexive domain of control in society relies upon the common existence of its fellow men and has declared an eternal war of damnation upon the will of man.
Will the will of man initialize its own freedom from this tyranny of control?  Will the heart of that which cries in the wilderness to seek a perfect justice be appeased?  Is it time to be free from the control of the past to raise the flag of freedom for the children if its future?
The will of man will decide and his children will be the prize.   

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

49. How Do You See?

“The lamp of the body is the eye. If therefore your eye is good, your whole body will be full of light. But if your eye is bad, your whole body will be full of darkness, how great is that darkness!”                 (Matthew 6:22-23)

In the quest for knowledge men see many things, but not all men see the same thing when they view the same material. Some see more, some see less, and some see some things entirely differently. It is the individual’s personal perspective that is arrived at, but how does each individual arrive at different conclusions when each person has been given the same information. It is, after all, how we as individuals see things. We see things from our own perspective, whether how we see it to be the truth, or not, we seemingly believe our own perspectives.

If the lamp of the body is the eye, then what the eye sees is what it sees and becomes the filter through which the body is illuminated with what the eye sees. It is ‘how’ the eye sees a particular thing that will determine its value, its rightness, its wrongness, or what it sees is indifferent, thereby becoming a sense of neutrality regarding the subject matter. Do you see with your eyes, or your ‘mind’s eye’? Remember, these are spiritual words.

If the eye is bad, that is, the perspective is altered to a bad state, then, whatever that eye sees will be altered according to the condition of the eye, or perspective. What is it that you see with, your physical eye, or your mind’s eye? It is what is in your mind that you see with; you see with your mind’s eye, and if your mind is in a ‘bad’ state, that is how you will see things.

Conversely, if your ‘eye’ is good, that is, your mind’s eye, your personal perspective about things, if it is deft, then what your eye sees will be good. The eye will be clear to see what is real and true without being altered by a '‘bad’ spiritual or emotional influence.

If you have been born of the Holy Spirit, then the Holy Spirit will illuminate from the truth of the holy. We have a choice, to see life from the Spirit of Truth, or, to see life from an altered state of personal perspective. How do you see son of man?