Wednesday, March 27, 2013

51. The Author of Marriage

Praying for right thinking...praying for eternal thinking...for holiness... in our nation begins in the home.

Are our personal secrets keeping us from praying for holiness in our nation, holiness in the White House, holiness in the Supreme Court?  Can, or will, the fervent prayer of a righteous man see the change in our nation that only God in Jesus Christ can bring about?

There is an absolute Truth, His Name is Jesus Christ.

The idea of marriage is a God idea as it is in the Word of God that marriage is a covenant between a man and a woman.  If the idea be described by definition as much as it is described by reality, then any other assessment or re-defining of the idea is corrupt.

Let holy men and women pray for our Supreme Court justices in this season that the Truth of our Lord be reasonable thinking and that the marriage bed be undefiled.  Marriage is a holy covenant between a man a woman.  It is.

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