Monday, June 3, 2013

52. Accountability for Our Words

“And I say to you, that every careless word that men shall speak, they shall render account for it in the day of judgment. For by your words you shall be justified, and by your words you shall be condemned.”  (Matthew 12:36-37)


A born again believer who truly believes the Word of God trusts the Lord with all his heart and possesses the knowledge of the Word in Truth in the Holy Spirit. With all of that said, it should be pretty easy to walk with the Lord and not mistakes, right? By now, we should be humbled by all of this and should continue to be humbled by all of this because if it was left up to us, we simply wouldn’t make it to heaven in our own strength because for most of us, our words would condemn us straight into judgment. Thank God, eternal life is not left completely up to us.

Eternal life is a gift from God and we receive this life by being born again into His Kingdom, His life. We do this in faith believing God has eternally saved us from our sin because of the atoning work He did on the cross. We can do absolutely nothing to deserve the love of God or His eternal salvation. So, if we can do nothing to deserve it by our works, then can we do anything to lose it like saying abominable things to people with our words?

If we repeat what we have talked about that our words emanate from our heart and our words reveal what is inside our heart as well as bear the fruit of whatever is in our hearts, then certainly it stands to reason that our words will either justify us or they will condemn us. We speak what we believe. Our belief system is the internal construct of the heart. If we believe rightly in the Lord Jesus Christ as we said at the beginning of this page, then our words will follow suit, along with our disposition of expressing holy love that only comes from His Holy Spirit.

One of Jesus’ points here, however, is that people deceive themselves just as the Pharisees had deceived themselves. They believed they were the chosen ones of the children of God, the children of Abraham. Yet, their hearts and conduct was far from God. The fruit of their lips revealed such. They planned to destroy Jesus Christ, the Son of God. They did not receive the Son, so they could not receive the Father. Their speech and conduct revealed their hearts.

Our hearts are continually revealed to others by our words, disposition and conduct. Whatever we truly walk in is who we truly are. God knows all and He is not fooled by anyone. He is the judge for only He knows the hearts of men. We can discern others by their fruit, but Jesus’ teaching continues to be clearly made for us to examine ourselves and the examination of others hearts is left up to God. Examine yourself to see if your words match your beliefs. Does your walk match your talk? Be careful in believing that you can lose what you have; the truth is to know God and believe Him until the end. Be faithful unto death. For some, they will lose what they thought they had, but never did, and their words revealed it all the while.




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