Monday, December 16, 2013

63. The Christmas Fudge

The Christmas fudge came calling one day,
To show his wears in what fudge can pay.
He pays in richness and that no lie;
He pays in sweet thickness, more gooey than pie.

But ole grudge came calling as well as could be,
The grudge, like the fudge, was as thick as a tree.
"No budge," said the grudge, "I'll not relent!"
"Be sweet," said the fudge, "You need to repent!"

The grudge was more thick, more thicker than sludge,
With pain and with sorrow, no forgiveness or love.
"I'll not budge," said the grudge, "There's no difference you see;"
"I'm just like the fudge, just not as sweet as he."

The fudge took a smudge of his self to release,
He placed on the grudge to offer some peace.
The grudge seemed to notice the sweetness within;
To release and let go, "It's time to forgive."

And so it was with the Christmas fudge,
Where here or there, but ne'er a grudge.
Let the sweetness release from the pain and the drudge;
The grudge finally budged from a smudge from the fudge.

                                                                   ---------------   Terry Lursen, TEL Publishing