Monday, January 20, 2014

67. The True Leader Must Have Courage

On a day of days in the day of our time, one must not relegate the past to oblivion and say it isn't so. If Tolstoy, Ghandi, and King stood for anything, it was for truth to prevail in the power of peace.
Courage within the ranks sees courage on its face and when courage is dismissed or simply does not reveal itself, the leader is absent not only in heart but in presence. The rank and file show themselves to be just that in a leaderless fight. There are battles to be won and lost, but without the courageous leader to go before in courage, the field of battle is taken by the swift who make themselves aware of what lies ahead. It is to the courageous leader that vision is transplanted into the hearts of the weak and the following in order for peace to come to pass in its time.
Peace does not come without travail and the visionary must recognize his own fate and be willing to pay the price of peace in the denial of self. It takes an other worldly type to lead to the other world of what true sustenance looks like. The visionary knows this for sure. But, why the wait? Why does this courageous leader take upon himself the virtue of patience while others see their demise?
Has his time come or is he waiting upon another? The relegation of patience must be to the many as well as to the one. Without the courageous leader, dispersion is imminent. Sight must see the inevitable, it is the due course of internal reconciliation. Better the man stand in due time and even better that the people in waiting stand down for the right time and season to come upon them. Privy is for all in due time.
To the one, I say, take courage and take courage you must when you must and not before. But you also must not wait another moment beyond the time of courage. Go to the mirror of truth and look at what you see. While you are glancing, corruption will knock on your door and you must let it pass knowing that the time has come for peaceful walk of travail.
Consider it not a time of violence, but of strength. Consider it not a time of war, but of resolve. Consider it not a time of death, but of life for true life lies beyond the mirror, it lies in the hearts of your children.

Friday, January 17, 2014

66. A Proverb to Freshen the Air

If I rub basil at the entrance to my nose, I smell basil and that for some time. If I rub some other substance of an off odor, that, too, lingers in my nostrils, and, like the basil, the off odor lingers in my has the sense of getting on me as well as in me.
Wherever I put my nose, it is there that I get a whiff of whatever I have put my nose in. The love of a companion or the stench of someone else's business lingers not just on the nose, but in my mind as I have placed it there.
Better to put my nose in a field of fresh air rather than delve into the digested remains of a word misspoken where the air is thick with venom and angst creeps at the door.
Words have an odor as a garden of fresh flowers or the pungent aroma of a compost. Choose today what you will smell, what you will hear and what you will think for whatever you smell or listen to will surely get on you and into you and you will become that odor to those around you. 

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

65. Getting into the Word and the Word Getting into You

We have to get into the Word of God if we name the Name of Jesus Christ. This is not about rites of religion for no rite of religion has any right or ability to change a man; we have all known unchanged men and women.
This is between you and the Holy Spirit. Then, in the right season, the Word soaks into you and you are changed and there is no turning back.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

64. The Value of Truth

The occurrence of knowing a thing is relative to the perspective of the knower in its journey to seek the truth in a matter. Not all things are revealed at times and our tendency is to believe what we see as a permanent matter, yet permanency is just as reliable as our perceptions of truth. We are floating in a river of space and time and the truth that we think we have been told is as fleeting as the air that we just expelled.
If I am a citizen in a community that delves into the dubious, did the dubious derive itself from itself or has it always been? Duplicity is the order of the day delving into synchronicity. The atmosphere requires it of itself for the current ideas of duplicity multiply at a seemingly rapid pace in order for the hearer to hear what it hears and have it reinforced over and over again.
What is it that hears, or sees? Do you actually believe your eyes, your ears? How is it that you have come to know a thing when you don't even realize that the dubious has winked at you and you think you are friends?
How is it that one arrives at truth in a world where the dubious and the duplicitous mangle principles of truth with their version of a controlled substance called a word. Definitions are re-arranged to suit the manner of the day. It is in the atmosphere where they are grasped, inculcated and churned into philosophies that have been around since the days of Sodom. There is no permanent matter in truth, so the loudest and the largest part the waters for they are the lords of the manor, for today.
There is, after all, only one spiritual Truth, and all other truth as we may know it derives from this single Holy Truth. Any other thing, word, principle or idea that is not of this very particular spiritual Truth is a flow from another source. We humans have the tendency to find others quite remarkable when they are simply being themselves, when in actuality, what we should find remarkable is that we can see where there is no truth in their being or their emanations. Shakespeare is often misquoted with his character saying, "To thine own self be true" for he was speaking from the antithesis of the knowing for the lie had had its way.
Can you really know a thing, a person? Does anyone truly know you like you know you? Do you know yourself in truth or do you know yourself as you think you know you or hope that you are but are as self-deceived as the deceiver himself? Knowing the truth in a matter is not a fine art nor is it a matter of quintessential knowledge. Knowing truth is a spiritual matter, a Holy Spiritual matter at that.
The value of truth cannot be derived from a book, a sale, a pleasant smile, a popular teacher or the most secret of secrets. The value of truth is in a name and in a person. I am only known as the Master of Truth knows me and I can only know Truth as it is revealed to me. All other is anathema, including my right to myself and my own self worth.
Truth knows me, but do I and can I know Truth as Truth knows my innermost parts? I will be known by others as they believe they think they know me, but I am known by Truth as I truly am whether I understand the truth about me as Truth understands me. If I realize that I truly do not know the truth about me as Truth knows me, can I ever know the truth of another human being without the revelation of the Master of Truth? I cannot form a righteous judgment of another for I am not Truth myself. I cannot take that which is not mine to take.
The value of Truth lies in the Master of Truth. Only He knows the Way, the Truth and the Life. I must know Him and in knowing Him, I am coming to realize that in me dwells no good thing, save Him and Him alone. It is in Him I find Truth in His innermost parts. Here and here. The Kingdom of God dwells within and it is only within His Spirit that the value of Truth is revealed.