Friday, January 17, 2014

66. A Proverb to Freshen the Air

If I rub basil at the entrance to my nose, I smell basil and that for some time. If I rub some other substance of an off odor, that, too, lingers in my nostrils, and, like the basil, the off odor lingers in my has the sense of getting on me as well as in me.
Wherever I put my nose, it is there that I get a whiff of whatever I have put my nose in. The love of a companion or the stench of someone else's business lingers not just on the nose, but in my mind as I have placed it there.
Better to put my nose in a field of fresh air rather than delve into the digested remains of a word misspoken where the air is thick with venom and angst creeps at the door.
Words have an odor as a garden of fresh flowers or the pungent aroma of a compost. Choose today what you will smell, what you will hear and what you will think for whatever you smell or listen to will surely get on you and into you and you will become that odor to those around you. 

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