Tuesday, March 11, 2014

72. The Elusive Treasure

Man's search for that one thing, that one elusive thing, is the same search that has driven men throughout time to their knees, their pride, their life or their death. Ultimately, the search for that one elusive treasure leads them to their own eternity that is discovered in this life and lived out in the next.
No one has been exempt from this search for the elusive treasure and it is all so very different for each individual. All search and all find something, albeit some find some thing not knowing that they have and dwell without a vision or a purpose.
It is the within that drives the man and woman to the place of their reckoning whether they acknowledge it, or not. All are searching and all are finding bits and pieces along the way, yet uncertainty dispels some while pride distracts others.
The likes of power, fame, peace, greed and solitude all seek the same desire and that desire always leads to the more. Whatever a man seeks, he always seeks more of whatever he is seeking for whatever he is seeking is the true treasure that he seeks. Whenever he believes he has found it, he finds himself dwelling in the more place for it is the place of the more that he truly wants to be. Even a child can understand this concept.
The catch to the prize is always before the seeker. For one it is this and for the other, it is that, but what about the creator of this or the creator of that. Some search for treasure beyond belief while others search for a piece of bread. Yet, there is one who has created it all and that in and of itself would reveal something to a man of thought if it were not for that inexhaustible desire for the whatever in the more.
The whatever in the more is where all men seek their treasure and the relevancy of the need versus the supply is always outweighed by the needful desire because the substantive position of the desire is always found in the more. No matter the desired course, the more is always the end.
This, of course, is true, except for one man. There is only one man that this insatiable desire for the whatever treasure in the more does not affect. This one man is the man that has discovered that the real treasure is found from within and without. The within man has only his within, but the man who has discovered there is a without has discovered that he can do without the need within. The driving need within always drives the man to his knees, his pride, his life or his death, and as it is in all things, death comes to every man.
The discovered man who has learned his within and has seen his without has the ability to see the without and know beyond all certainty that the life of the without reaches beyond the more.
The man who has discovered to be content within and without has learned the elusive treasure was watching him all the while. And as he rests in the without, the elusive treasure comes within where there is no more need and no need for more. This man has found himself in the place of being beyond all that he could ask or think, the place of fully within and fully without; the ever-present place of the Kingdom of God.  

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