Wednesday, May 28, 2014

78. As You Have Believed

“Then Jesus said to the centurion, ‘Go your way; and as you have believed, so let it be done for you.’ And his servant was healed that same hour.”     (Matthew 8:13, NKJV)


In another passage, when Jesus asked his disciples, “Who do people say the son of man is?’ (Matthew 16:13, NASB), He wanted the disciples to know what other people said and believed about him. When Jesus asked them who do they, the disciples, say that He is, Peter exclaims, “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God!” (v.16). Jesus told His disciples that day that flesh and blood had not revealed this to Peter, but that His Father in heaven had revealed it to him.


It really does matter what you believe about Jesus Christ. The centurion saw Him face to face and believed that His divine authority superseded any disease or any other spirit. The centurion understood authority and believed in faith that Jesus had authority over all. He was close enough to have this private conversation with Jesus and trusting enough that divine healing could be accomplished with only a word from Jesus.


Again, it really does matter what you believe about Jesus. Are you going to believe what other men and women say who He is or is not? Are you going to believe a good teaching about Jesus Christ and believe in someone else’s belief that may, or may not be complete, or entirely correct? Jesus wanted to know the obvious; that many people will have their opinions and beliefs, but you, you have to know what you believe about Jesus Christ.


Who is He to you? What do you believe? Just as sure as you are reading this writing, it is certain that it will be done for you as you have believed. Do you know Him personally and do you know that He knows your name? (Luke 10:20)


If you name the Name of Jesus Christ you know that He is Lord over all things, His Holy Spirit will have revealed this to you. Believe that and as a new creation, walk in the power of His Name.




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