Tuesday, July 29, 2014

79. A Prayer for Israel

Hear, oh Israel,

The Lord thy God is with thee.

Count it not a Burden that the President of Oblivity is Oblivious with you. His Oblivity is Ubiquitous in the many Surroundings all across Civilization. His Personal Needs arise a par further than yours and that of the Lowly Christian.

Oblivity most meets his Needs for it aids him in Ignorance and Folly. Those two follow him wherever he Desires to go and that indeed of his followers as well. His is a race of Consternation, most Grim for what he Desires to give, he gives most Graciously his Gracious Gifts to the Felonious, the Foolish, the Illegal and the Ilk.

No, my dear Israel, thou art far Greater in the eyes of God than he. Instead, turn your eyes to the One who holds your Future. Turn to the Lord God Almighty and submit to Him in Hallowed Holiness. For He alone is your Strength, your Shield. He alone is your Rearguard, your Fortress and Friend.

The Lord God Almighty, Who created the heavens and the earth is your Protector and Provider. Do not look for the Oblivious to come to your Aid. The Lord God Almighty is here and our Prayers are with Him and with you as One.