Monday, September 22, 2014

81. The Looking Glass Water: The Water That Woos

Every person in the known world goes through life wondering if God really exists. Some believe that He does...while others believe that He does not and they move on, but in the deep dark moments, they still wonder.

The Looking Glass Water is a story about a lake that contains something so miraculous that one cannot disbelieve that there is a very personal spirit that knows all and sees all. There are different types of people who come to the water and believe according to their beliefs and they walk away either completely changed or completely unchanged with the opportunity to live out their lives ever how they see fit. Each type of person has their own beliefs, but when they touch the water and are confronted by who they really are, choices and decisions are made as to what to do with this water that "so knows me, what else can I do but either submit to the water's desire or selfishly walk or run away."

There are also spiritual predators out there under the guise of religion or even politics. The people that you lend your ear to are not always telling you the truth nor are they representing the truth, but representing their own interests and means...beware!

I dare you to receive a taste of the water and see if it reveals you to you. The wonder of the water at work is amazing and if you've been challenged by life's challenges and trials, you'll find that there really is something out there that makes this life all worth while...

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