Wednesday, October 28, 2015

88. The Power of the Lie That Leads to Destruction

Hi Melissa, I told you that I would write a little more on the matter you felt so passionately about, so here's a little, "not so inside" information. This past April, as I was doing research for my novel, "The Battle for Crested Hill," I found myself having to investigate different types of 'lies', their names, the Latin derivatives, and the manipulation of the use of violence by force. The novel takes place in the spirit realm, where all real things take place. The main character, Gigot, who is the spirit of the man, finally decides to show up for battle to take back the Crested Hill, which had been captured by Spectre, Columnia, Ementior, as well as a host of others, led by Torrent. The lie is the most chosen of all evils and is the foundation of rebellion and by which, most, if not all good sorts of folk fall from grace. As I continued my research, I happened upon a one...a man, by the name of Louis Farrakhan. I had heard often enough of the man, a Muslim, by nature and a salesman, by trade. I watched him for an hour, or so on an uncommon cable television station. The man was speaking in a moderately sized room of about 80 people, mostly rough, looking men. His audience was from Chicago, gang leaders, rappers, drug lords and others.

This was his message, that I took notes on, so these are close to being verbatim quotes, but, not all, exactly: He talks about "standing up to make others sit down that disagree with them. They (they, being, the man, the system, the establishment, the white man) they put you back in a place they designed for you. They (Also, they refers to record label execs) create a culture in the community that leads to crime, drugs, prostitution that send you to prison. The people that offer the deals are the real satans. You want to kill your brother and you rap about it. Record execs and radio want it real, keeping it as it is so it never changes. We talk about shootin', demonic. Rap artists are the street organizers. I got a gun...where did I get it? Prisons are concentration camps. They want to arrest you. They need occupiers to be residents in their hotels...prisons. Allah has a weapon. A movie, into the storm. The storm is on the way. If you don't change, don't stop the killing of brothers, then the wrath of God will enter. You are the people of God, but your actions today are enemies of God. Look at the money given to rappers to use their message of killing, drugs and disrespect in their women...bling, bling, riding expensive cars when brothers and sisters are dying from your words. You are angry and help to exterminate the black man."

At some point in his hour long message, he went on a rant preaching racism, anti-authority and particularly anti-police. He sees the police as those who arm themselves as killers and mocked the idea of "to serve and protect". He does not see the police protecting society. He sees them as a military ready for war, "To kill us black people." He was propagandizing war against all establishment and all authority (ie., which is what you saw yesterday). He says Chicago is the epicenter of the base of the war.

"Our target is the youth. The youth are to take over the governments of the world. Film what happens. You are being made to look like animals. They ramp up with heavy armor and try it out on you and us. We survive by unity. All beefs must end. We will be your brothers, so the guns can be sheathed. When any black life is lost, God made you into himself. Your time has come. Salaam Alaikum."

In my opinion, the movement now is and what you see currently are mere ripples of the undercurrent...quite possibly the reason why the POTUS was seen and heard this week in Chicago. If you compare what this Muslim leader preaches and listen to the POTUS' speech this week, you'll realize that more has been planned to come.

Where do we possibly go from here? My first suggestion is that all police authorities re-train themselves when confronting this particular ideology. What happened in that classroom this week cannot occur. Rebellion to authority that starts out as attention-getting disturbance and then desires to cloak itself under the guise of non-resistance to violence by force, which is the classic Tolstoy teaching that Ghandi and ML King used. The main difference here and what happened in Martin Luther King's era is this...civil disobedience to errant loss of civil rights (King era) versus disruptive and often violent behavior meant to inflict harm and rebel against all authority. Martin Luther King did not preach rebellion as the Muslim leader does. Anyone who believes that Martin Luther King preached rebellion does not understand the Tolstoyellian concept of non-resistance to violence by force which Leo Tolstoy created and developed in his book, "The Kingdom of God is Within You." All rebellion is of the devil, which leads us back to the beginning of my statements...the lie is the foundation of rebellion.