Tuesday, November 17, 2015

89. Be Rightly Devoted to the Lord Jesus Christ

Do you ever get into your daily devotion time with the Lord and as you are reading and hardly praying, the things you are reading bring another person to mind and you wish with all your hard heart that "they" would see what you see and change their pitiful lives so that "you" could be happier with them as a friend, co-worker or spouse?

Your devotion becomes a thought process of thinking about how other people are rather than allowing the Holy Spirit to speak directly to you about you. 

The Holy Spirit sits about with a raised brow and says, "There he/she goes again, chasing thoughts that I did not place within him..."  And, one by one the distracting thoughts take the place of the Holy Spirit's voice.

Are we more in tune with our personal devotion rather than the Lord Himself Who deserves our absolute devotion? 

Think about it before you enter into His Presence...

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