Tuesday, November 24, 2015

92. Sorrow Comes From a Depraved Community

This post is a personal response to the Amanda Blackburn murder and the murder of her unborn child a few days ago...we live in an ideological age where permissiveness is granted to whoever to do whatever their flesh decides. The more free time a person has in this age, the more extreme their permissiveness desires. There is no end to the depravity of a man or woman who has nothing but free time and the freedom to do as he or she pleases. This is but one of the consequences of empowered ignorance where groups of peoples are hyped into doing whatever their heart desires. 
No leadership in the home does not equate to no leadership in the community, but it does equate to a dumbing down of whoever the leaders and the followers might become in the community. Every community needs worthy, wise and active leaders who possess something other than depraved selfishness. The "I want my way" philosophy in a depraved community doesn't care what other people do to hurt or destroy other people. All absolute depravity leads ultimately to death and yet can be cured by the active influence of the Holy Spirit. 
Death would not be necessary to the depraved if Jesus was the absolute answer to the leaders in the home, the community and abroad. Our way of life goes as our leaders lead us for our current leaders have shown and are showing their depraved selfishness by their own personal fruit and the way of the nation, the community and the home is left unguarded to the most depraved of individuals in our midst.
Our leaders have left us unguarded, whether they be in the corporate palace or the pulpit, the White House or the house down the street. Most, if not all, have gone their own way and have collected more than a few dollars for their time.
God, have mercy on us all, for we have gone astray and need You today.

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