Monday, July 18, 2016

98. Examining Our Beliefs

It has occurred to me in my progressive, self-professed maturing that I have missed a few trains going in the right direction and have also found myself running after some that had long left the station. That used to be to my dismay, but now that I no longer see the cabooses of those trains of long ago, maturity calls and says, "Hey, all aboard this train over here." My self-professed maturity that, hopefully, is the speaking and leading of the Holy Spirit, is also telling me that folk's ideology is nothing more than my own particular sways, bents and beliefs...they just believe something entirely different. There's no need to get angry with internal destructive turmoil at another person's belief system. I believe kindness is speaking here when I say that they're probably not an idiot or stupid, any more than I have been at times, they simply believe differently. One aspect in all of this, though, is that it has been impressed upon me by the work of the Holy Spirit, that we will reap what we have sown, if, not in this life, then in the next. There is a reckoning time. 

If we lead other people down a wrong track as a result of our beliefs, we will surely be rewarded for whatever we have done, or said, according to our personal beliefs. Rewards are not always what we think they are and come in various sundry ways. I encourage all of us to examine what we believe, our proclivities to our beliefs and the personal ideology of those we promote, whether that be in business, religion or politics. We tell on ourselves in the things and people we promote and that doesn't go unnoticed in the heavenly spiritual realm.

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